Committe Update On Spiny Naiad

The purpose of this committee is to provide an unbiased overview of the available weed management techniques available to BIP. The information was gathered and organized by a task force of volunteers that live on the lake and have expertise in their respective fields. The information was gathered from public domain sources and vetted against other sources (vendor information, peer reviewed reports, etc).

Annual Shareholder Meeting – Postponed

Due to unprecedented times, the BIPC Annual Meeting has been postponed until further notice. The meeting is traditionally held on the second Saturday in July at the Hampstead Meeting House.  

Big Island Pond

Big Island Pond is a 500 acre water body located in the towns of Atkinson, Derry and Hampstead, New Hampshire.  Home to year-round and seasonal residents, Big Island Pond offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities such as swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, motor boating and water skiing.  Public conservation lands around Big Island Pond also offer hiking and nature trails, biking, bird watching and picnicking. 

Additional information about these and other features of life at Big Island Pond can be found within this website.  Subjects of general interest are listed at the left side of each page, and links to specific subjects are displayed at the top of each page.  Please feel free to share your own experiences of Big Island Pond by clicking on any of the Contact Us links at the bottom of each page.  Your suggestions for improving this website are always welcome.

Have a safe and enjoyable time at Big Island Pond!

Big Island Pond Corporation 

In order to protect and conserve our precious resource, Big Island Pond Corp, was formed in order to provide support in the effort to protect and preserve Big Island Pond for many generations in the future.

Big Island Pond Corp works year round to protect the lake and it’s dam through education, cooperation and collaboration with its members and the residents. 

If you wish to help support this effort please send a check to: Big Island Pond Corp
PO Box 297, Hampstead NH 03841

Friends of Big Island Pond

Friends of Big Island Pond  (FBIP) is a non-profit, public charity formed in 2009 to provide support in the effort to protect and preserve the Big Island Pond watershed in Derry, Atkinson and Hampstead, New Hampshire through education, cooperation and collaboration with its members and the residents of the three towns touched by Big Island Pond.  
FBIP continues to provide critical financial support to BIPC programs through grants. Please show your support of the BIP way of life and visit the Friends of Big Island Pond’s website to help them support the BIP watershed by making a tax-deductible donation today.